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Klack is Back?

One of the MOST controversial visual punk bands in Jrock history, the band Klack クラック [pronounced "crack"] is back with a new single called Machine. 

Klack has not released an album since 2005 and have kept a low profile since showing a controversial video in 2004. The band caused a scandal with the video during a concert of 12 bands, called Beauti-fool's Fest '04.  It was sponsored by a Japanese national broadcaster TBS, in Chiba near Tokyo Disneyland. The group showed a video of the violent beheading of Japanese backpacker Shosei Koda by a militant Iraqi Jihadist group associated with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the previous October 2004.  The video was shown for 10 minutes in its entirety to an unsuspecting crowd without the knowledge of the concert sponsors.  The Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) released a statement formally condemning the band's action, the band's website was censored for a time, and they received the reputation of being "one of the most disliked bands in Japan" keeping a low public profile for the last few years, according to JaME's biography about the band.

photo from Shosei Koda's Beheading video in 2004 from wikipedia

Shosei's death had been the subject of national sorrow and of controversy around the Japanese SDF's involvement in the rebuilding of Iraq until 2005 when they withdrew from the area. 24 year old Shosei Koda, a fundamental Christian had decided to ignore government and friend's warning to enter Iraq and experience the suffering of the people when he was abducted by a radical Islamist group which demanded that Japan withdraw from Iraq within 48 hours  or they would behead the young Japanese man:  on October 30, 2004 the group carried out its threat. (the link under the wikipedia shows the entire beheading execution video: warning it is graphic and disturbing).  In 2006 one of the members of the group was caught by Iraqi police and sentenced to death for his role in the execution.

The motivation for the showing of the Koda  execution video was reportedly not made clear by the band: was it is simple and vulgar publicity stunt or a graphic antiwar statement? The previous summer the band released a video (shown below) where they pose as terrorists. Reportedly, they have also claimed in interviews that they are terrorists bend on destroying the world themselves [though they look a bit fey to be taken seriously - haha]. Perhaps they only thought it went well with their lyrics in DIE WAY:

"I wanna travel to Iraq so introduce me to a hotel"
"You shouldn't travel to Iraq. It's dangerous"
"It's ok! I'll be fine. I just wanna look around"
No I go to find myself
No I go to Iraq
No I go everything gonna be okay
No I go to find myself
No I go to Iraq
No I go excuse me
Please forgive me
"Here we are you stupid Jap" Go to hell way
"Here we are you stupid Jap" Go to die way

[It should be noted that many Japanese criticized Shosei's niavete for going into Iraq at all.  Shosei himself apologized to President  Koizumi on the video saying "I am sorry I put my head in your hands".

Klack's lyrics demonstrate a sense of disjointed and obsessive anti-establishment anarchy. Here is a sample from their 3 song mini-release Intifada which got them disassociated from their label Free Will Japan in 2004.
INTIFADA 2004 - English translation

More into Bin Laden then brushing my teeth
More into George Bush then talking a shit
My life the rent is too expensive
Everyday is a downfall
So today I am positive like Jong-Il

Thinking solves nothing,
So just go crazy get into a vibe
Thinking solves nothing,
So just go crazy get into a vibe
This is the PV video for Intifada posted on YouTube:

The video Seike Wears a Suit - with stock footage of North Korea

These guys are young and it IS punk.  But there is a sharp political awareness here that is usually ABSENT in J-Rock and J-Rap, wherein this band just jumps right in the shit.  Maturity in lyrics and life outlook will only tell what direction Klack will take in 2008. But it should be interesting; unless they fucking sell out :)


Jul. 25th, 2010 07:00 am (UTC)
They are one of the most fun lives to see, but i noticed that their website is down and that there is some old news saying they are on a break. Do you know if the members are in other bands, or any more infomation on this? I would really love to know more about what happened to them as i might get to return to japan and i would love to see any of the members in a band again!
Thank you so much!