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Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito - Japanese Actor and Model

Born in 1981, Saito Takumi 斎藤工 has had many appearances on the theatre stage, TV, and Japanese cinema. He also voices a character in the anime TV series Dead or Alive and he appeared in a stage musical called Tennis. Takumi gained his early fame in playing gay romantic love interests in at least two movies: Boys Love and the very intelligent Itsuka No Kimi E where he plays both twin brothers Ryuu and Noboru.

He practices aikido and boxing and demonstrates this skill in yet another, although slightly sappy bishonen (gay teen love interest) movie called Sukimoto and he shows off his martial arts skills in the recent crime Shinjuku incident. He will also be starring in the upcoming movie Shibuya

Itsuka No Kimi e description

After Noboru saves Hayase from drowning by giving him mouth-to-mouth, Hayase grows confused about his feelings. It doesn't help that around the same time he meets Noboru's twin brother Ryu who has a very different, outgoing personality.

Scene from Isuka No Kimi e (spoiler alert)

Boys Love description:

Just doing his job, magazine editor Taishin Mamiya (Yoshikazu Kotani) interviews high school model Noeru Kisaragi (Takumi Saito). Despite Noeru's bad attitude, an enchanting picture of the ocean he draws leads Mamiya to invite him out for dinner after wards. They connect at the restaurant, but while in the bathroom there Noeru solicits Mamiya sexually. The next morning, Noeru's office calls the magazine office where Mamiya works. "Your editor was rude. Have him come and apologize." When Mamiya goes to Noeru's house to deliver the apology, he sees Noeru with a dirty-looking man. Mamiya is shocked to discover at that moment that his interest in Noeru goes beyond article research--he truly wants to know more about him.

Here is a bit from <ahref="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/takumi_saito">Wikipedia</a>

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Sultry Takumi video: